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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Andrea's Journal Entry April 3 2006

Nahum 2:1
An attacker advances against you, Nineveh .
       Guard the fortress,
       watch the road,
       brace yourselves,
       marshal all your strength! 
Lord that I may always be alert to the enemy and his tactics to distract and harm me.  Help me to guard my heart and mind so that I don’t become discouraged and forget Your words to me.  “I will be a light in a dark world, I will be a story.  I will minister to people in need.  I will feed Your sheep.”  I love You Lord and thank you.  You are the creator of all things and all people.
You love me and are my Father.  You want to bless me and I am being used by You.  I pray I never receive any glory but that you will be glorified through Jim and me. 
If one person comes to know You it’s worth it all.
I pray we are faithful so that people will see and know You.  Truly it is only by Your grace and mercy that I still stand today.  Thank you for the faith You gave me as a young child. I have needed it more then ever before.  Your grace is sufficient for me to lean on.  Thank you for Your promises Lord. Truly life is a gift from You and You alone.  Thank you Christ Jesus for being willing to die for me.  How frightening it must have been for You in Your humanness and yet the Godliness in You took precedence and You gave Your life for our salvation and our healing.  Help  my faith grow every day.  I know one life is only but one, and yet I give my life to You that others may come to know You.  Spare my life I pray that I may give it up for You.
I love You!