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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kids Update

Today Ginger is out of town visiting a friend and I'm at home handling my first ever solo Sunday with the kids. I managed to get to church on time which was minor compared to the real feat of the day...putting bows in the twins hair. That was a first and although not easy the girls talked me through it. Aspen was quick to tell me "it is not tight enough" and Bella told me the technique of separating the hair apart to force the rubber band down lower. After that I went to our bathroom and got a few bottles of Ginger hair spray and attempted to cover up my handy work of loose and crooked bows. In the end it was a success, at least I thought so.  Looking at the picture below I'm not so sure the hair spray had th affect I was hoping for!  It seems I got the wet dog look on Aspen.  I also have to confess that it was about 38 this morning when I took this picture in the church parking lot. Guess I should have had jackets on the kids. Sorry Ginger...see we do need you!

Another accomplishment of the day was I learned how to post videos on our blog.  I got a new iPhone for Christmas well actually Ginger did but I gave her my old one and I kept the new one.  The great thing is I can take videos now with my phone and her are a few of the kids.  For those of you who have not seen them in a while they are growing up fast.

This is the girls playing dress up one day.  They requested a video of them twirling.  Not sure why but girls love to twirl but they do!  I love Bella's Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis look with the glasses.

This one is the girls 4th Birthday party.  I met them on their second birthday hard to believe it has been two years!

This is another Birthday video. 

Next are two videos of Greyson playing basketball.  He loves basketball and if you look closely you will see his huge smile as he plays.  Every time he gets the ball his face lights up with that smile.  I love to watch him play he is just having so much fun you can't help but smile along with him.

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