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Friday, August 17, 2007

Chair and a Half

For those who have been to or house in the past year you know in the living room sits a huge recliner called a chair and a half. It is Andrea's and my favorite place to be on a Friday night. Okay, maybe we are a little boring, we accept that. But ending the week together watching a Poriot mystery or Monk is our favorite thing to do. But there is more to the chair then just a comfortable place to watch TV.

In the fall of 2005 Andrea and I decided we would like to get a big chair so we could sit together. Our sofa, although nice just was not comfortable for both of us to fit and watch TV. It seemed like a simple enough thing to fix, just go to the stores and find a chair we liked. We already decided on a chair and a half, which is just a chair slightly smaller then a love seat, so of we went on our weekend shopping trip.

Normally making a purchase is a financial decision but unexpectedly became one of faith. Buying the chair was the first big, purchase since Andrea was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. It would normally be a simple decision but it is scary to think in the long term with cancer. This chair was the first time we faced that, and we took the leap. Both of us were having the same thoughts. Should we buy something this permanent for the two of us? Would it just be a sad reminder every time I saw it?

Today the chair sits as a reminder of our fight against cancer. To our unwillingness to give in to cancer. To our commitment to keep our life ours.

Every Friday night we get in our chair. I look over at Andrea and she looks up and smiles at me. This is our time. We turn off the lights, recline and watch our shows until Andrea falls asleep with her head on my shoulder.

In that moment we have won. We refused to let cancer dictate to us how we will live.

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