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Friday, April 25, 2008

Unsung Hero

I (Jim) decided to explain my post "Unsung Hero" because of how people might interpret my words. I also decided to remove the blog because as I read it again I was afraid of how it would reflect on Ginger, Troy's memory and myself.

I did not write this blog to compare Troy and Andrea. I wrote this blog to express my feelings and thoughts I had over the past two weeks. It began when I would visit Andrea's grave. Usually there was a funeral and most often it was for a veteran and so there was always the a flag draped coffin and a 21 gun salute. It made me think of my life and my funeral. It to would be with all the military honors as well. I thought about Andrea and all she did for the military, her sacrifice and dedication was no less then my own. Yet in her death there is no recognition to her service, no thanks for all she did. Much like my article "Hero of the 4FW" that I wrote for the Seymour Johnson paper, and in an earlier blog "My Hero" I was trying to remember all Andrea had done for me and for the Air Force.

I have to apologise to Ginger and to anyone who took my words the wrong way. I have always written my thoughts as they come to me. But there is usually something I have seen or heard that triggers my thoughts and I do not always share all what is behind my words leaving the reader open to fill in the blanks. Though I have written this blog as my own record of what I have experienced I have to realise it is read by many people some who know me well and some who I have never met.

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