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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hawaii Pictures

Other then just being August in Texas and the heat and humidity, things are going good here. Ginger and I continue to learn how to parent together. For me I'm learning how to raise little girls and for Ginger it is being a mom to a teenage boy. We are both learning and we are both helping each other.

It has not taken long for me to realize girls are different from boys. In fact we all went on a walk tonight and we stopped by a small pond. So I took the girls down to the water to skip rocks and make big splashes. Sounded like a good idea to me and it was until Aspen and Annalise got mud on their flip flops and began to cry. This would have been a dream come true for Nic or Anthony, but I'm learning that girls just don't like water and mud as much as boys. Not that there is anything wrong with that...I'm just learning. Like the fact that a scream is a way to express anything from a spider on the porch to Mom walking in the house. I will let Ginger speak for her own experiences of being a mom to a 16 year old boy, but trust me she is doing a little learning herself. For example never hand a 16 year old boy $275.00 and turn him loose in the mall to buy school clothes and expect to get any change back. Like I said we are both learning.

Ginger is away with Boston Greyson and her dad at the PGA championship. She was asked to come in support of the Folds of Honor Foundation that raises scholarship money for kids who lost a parent in the war. You can get more information on the foundation and see a video interview with Ginger at http://www.partiotgolfday.com/. Meanwhile Ginger's mom and I have been holding down the home front with the girls. So in my spare time I decided to post a blog and I realized I had not posted any pictures from our trip to Hawaii. So here are a few.

Hotel lobby
Guava juice...they were giving this stuff away for free! So I attempted to drink enough to break even. Okay this was a funny picture. It was supposed to be a picture of Ginger and I but Ginger set the camera of self timer and as you can see she never made it before the picture was taken. In fact I think she only made it about two steps from the camera.
Our Hotel

You know I love to take pictures of flowers so here are a few exotic ones we saw.

Day 1, Ginger love the flowers so much she kept them the whole day
At the black sand beach
Sunset in Hawaii...nothing better then having dinner with this view
The happy and beautiful bride
Ginger laying claim to the shrimp and crab at Sunday brunch

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  1. I think this one goes to Ginger. Yes, little girls are definitely different than boys...but teenagers, well, they are a whole different species! Just wait until your little girls are teenagers...watch out world! Your honeymoon looked fabulous. Good job with the guava juice:-).