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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Race for the Cure

It is time for the Susan B Komen Race for the Cure here is San Antonio. I ran this race last year. I will never forget running that day. It is a festive atmosphere with the survivors, the crowds and the fan fare. I think there was a record 20,000 people yet I was never so alone in my entire life as standing in that crowd. I cried most of the morning but I made it and I did it while listening to Andrea and her dad singing, "Move that Mountain" and "Have a Nice Day with Jesus." I think both tracks are posted on an earlier blog. They were recorded when Andrea was a teenager and thankfully her dad had a cassette copy stowed away which I transferred to my computer and then to my Ipod. I missed her that day. I wish she could have been there to be honored as a survivor but it was not meant to be. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in there lifetime and around 20,000 die each year. As my good friend Robert said when Andrea was first diagnosed, "It is a very bad player." I hope some of you reading this will personally benefit or know someone who will benefit from the funds raised by this foundation. Research advances every year with treatments that are less difficult on the patient and more effective against the cancer.
This year I will run the race again but not alone. On April 4th Ginger and I will run the race in honor of Andrea. If you would like to donate you can click on either of these links.

Jim's Link


Ginger's Link


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  1. I remember when you so courageously ran last year. Wasn't it on Andrea's birthday? I pray for a cure for cancer daily. Cancer is pure evil in my opinion. Good luck on your run. I will look into running here in Boise for Komen too.