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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Okay, I know it has been a while sense Ginger and I have posted anything on the blog.  It's not that we have not had anything to post it is just finding the time to sit down and write that has been the issue.  Although life has been busy, we have not forgotten the miracle that is our family. 

One of my goals has been to take Andrea's journal writings and make a book that I could send to the chemo room in North Carolina.  Andrea loved the people there and she always felt a compassion for the other patients who had to endure chemo. She would meet the new patients and offer encouragement as she knew the fear that came with walking into the chemo room for the first time.  I remember when Andrea and I had our first tour of the chemo room.  We walked into this large room of Lazy Boy recliners and I remember hoping we would have our own private room.  We had just been told Andrea had cancer and I think in a way we did not believe it.  You don't see yourself as one of those people in the room as if you don't belong and having a private room is a way of denying the truth that you do belong there. That somehow this is all a mistake and you don't have cancer.  The words the doctor spoke sink on just a little more and your life has forever changed.   

As it turned out being in the chemo room was a blessing, although you want to be alone, that is the last thing you need.  When Jesus faced the cross he asked his closest disciples to pray with Him in the garden, we are not meant to face life's trials alone and having friends in the chemo room turned out to be the greatest blessing to Andrea and me.  So leaving a book of her writings was was my way of continuing Andrea's desire to help others and our way to still be there with them.  

Over the past two weeks I have started transferring Andrea's writings into my computer.  It has been difficult  as I read her words of hope and desire to be healed, but the pages were also filled with trust, wisdom and faith of a Godly woman.  I decided to post some of her writings to the blog during Breast Cancer Awareness month. 
All of these journal entries were written in 2005-2007 when Andrea was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer.  At the time the cancer had spread to her liver, lungs and bones.  There was a lot of growth in our faith over those two years.  There were times of despair, confusion and but God kept giving us a consistent message.  I believe His message was specific to our needs but the example of God's faithfulness and love is what applies to all of us.  I know the end result was not what Andrea nor I wanted, but I pray that does not distract you from words Andrea wrote.  Sometimes life is not about what we want but what a sovereign God desires.  In the end it came down to trust.  I can tell you God provided all we needed just as His word say He will.  I'm not sure what God is asking of you today as you read this blog, but I pray you will know your creator and sovereign God loves you.  He has not left you nor forgotten you

I pray these entries encourage you if you are facing a trial or difficult situation in your life. 


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