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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

There She Lies in the Center

Life is so fragile, so delicate
Seemingly so simple
Complexity is reveled
In a struggle to balance what God has created

There she lies in the center

Impressive are the machines, and the data displayed
Impressive even more the technology
They bring a sense of comfort and strength
Soon shaken by questions unanswered
Man trying to do what God spoke into existence
See how impressive we are with our knowledge
See how little we know

There she lies in the center

Doctors, nurses, decisions
Words I don't understand
Hoses, wires, fluids, drugs
Raise this, lower this, draw this, inject that
All trying to balance what God has made

There she lies in the center

Beeps, alarms, puffs of air
Pumps deliver food water and medicine
People touching, prodding, try to understand
X rays, CTs, ultrasound look for causes
So much effort, yet every answer brings another question
Adjustments are made, tests are run
Confirmation is sought
None is found

There she lies in the center

Life, hangs in the balance
The body so fragile, yet so strong
Prayers are said
Questions are asked
Faith is challenged
God seems silent

There she lies in the center

Tests come back, drugs are added
One drug to do this the another for that
Blood is ordered, pain is managed
"Comfort" is sought
Little is found
Not for us nor for her

And there she lies in the center

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