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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why Won't You Leave Her Alone

If there one thing I'm worse at then writing its poetry. Especially having not done this since I was forced to in High School. That being said this came to me this morning when I woke up. There is no specific format. I don't no the difference between one type of poem from another. These are just my feelings.

Why are you picking on her?
Why won't you leave her alone?
You know there is a limit to what a person can take
Why won't you leave her alone?

She is but a child
A Mother to her boys
A Wife to her husband
A Daughter
A Sister
A Aunt
A cousin
A Friend to so many

What has she ever done to you?
Has she ever spoken a harsh word against you?
Has she ever mistreated you?
Has she harmed you in some way?
What? Tell me so I can understand
What has she done to cause you to torment her so?
Tell us why have you come?
Why won't you just leave her alone?

I see you on the x-ray, I see you on the CT films
The unwelcome black spot
The abnormal shading
You seem almost harmless on the screen
This little spot against all of us, it almost seems unfair
Yet you have proven a tough opponent
You pursue without rest
You seem to never tire
Day after day, month after month year after year you pursue us
You are patient aren't you?
You just wait with a smugness that I hate
With a certainty I despise
What have we done to cause you to hate us so?
Why won't you leave her alone?

I see your handy work in her fatigue
I see your effectiveness in her weary eyes
I hear you rejoice in her cries
I feel your disgust for us in her pain
I feel you mocking us in our attempt to stop you
I hear your laughter in the hum of the clippers as I shave her head
I hate you and I hate your ways
Why have you come?
Why won't you leave her alone?

We engaged in battle, having never meet
I only know you by your names
Invasive ductile carcinoma, Breast cancer, Metastatic Cancer, Mets
I know you by the company you keep
Vomit, sickness, fatigue, exhaustion, pain, and suffering
You attack, we respond, you retreat, we relax, you regroup and we fall back
You are vial so hateful, so violent
Why are you so angry at her?
Why do you hate her so much?
I do not understand you
Why won't you leave her alone?

You seem so harmless in the pictures. Hardly a opponent worthy of our time
Yet you have proven worthy of your reputation
You have bested our every effort
You have beaten every drug
Millions of dollars years of schooling have not been able to defeat you
What is it that makes you do this?
What is causing you to kill what keeps you alive?
Your victory will only bring your own death
Who sent you for such a task?
Why are you hurting her so?
Why won't you leave her alone?

Do you even know her?
Do you even care?
Do you know what she means to us?
Do you know how valuable she is to us?
Do you know the void you are creating?
The pain you are causing?
Do you know the ripple you cause from your ways?
Do you know her boys need her,
Her friends seek her
Her husband loves her
Her family cherishes her
Do you know how many people you are hurting?
Do you even care?
Way do you hurt her so?
Why do you do this?
She has done nothing to deserve this.

Why won't you just leave her alone?

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