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Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Wedding Weekend

What a special weekend! Family and Friends came in on Friday for our rehearsal dinner at one of San Antonio's many yummy Mexican food restaurants, La Hacienda. These pictures are not in order, some of the wedding mixed in with the dinner ones the night before. But you can see what a special reunion this weekend was for us. Jim and I talked about how this amazing group of people represented so many loved ones who have journeyed with us through both happy and sad days. We are indeed greatly blessed to be cared for in such a tender way. We both believe it was healing, in a way, to have everyone witness the coming together of our two families. We composed a slide show for the wedding reception of pictures set to music. (We will post te slide show on our next blog) The pictures were special ones of Jim and Andrea and their boys, Troy and I and our kids and then the last ones were pictures of Jim and I and our new combined family. I am pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Before playing the slide show we told everyone it was okay to be happy and sad at the same time. Jim and I have become accustomed to these mixed feelings living in and with us. There has been so much hurting yet so much joy. And as Jim commented, God loved us through it all. It was only appropriate that we ended the wedding service with the entire congregation singing Chris Tomlin's "How Great is our God". Indeed, He is great and greatly to be praised! Enjoy the photos!

Lin and Faye

Sherry, Kathy and Faye

My good friend Doug and Me

Bella and Boppa

Nic and Kate at the Rehearsal dinner

The happy couple

Ginger and Angela, best friends from junior high

Ginger and the Girls,left to right
Amy, Ginger, Cara, Ali, Amy

Ginger and I with her brother Matt and his wife Katherine

Kate Nic, Ginger, Anthony and I at our home

Ginger with her Aunt Sylvia and cousin Julie

Mike Duvall and my sister Maureen

Anthony Kate, and Lori Jo Duvall

Ginger, Her mom and sister in law, Katherine

Ginger and her brother Matt

Maj Gen Lessel his wife Kathy and my sister Maureen

Ginger and I with her parents

Us with all our boys, Nic and Anthony decided to pose as Italian models

Ginger's family

The cake

Me and my Brother Pete

My brothers and Sister Left to right
Pete, Maureen, Me, Neil, John

The Ravellas

Neil and His wife Mary with Ginger's mom Judi

The Boys Boston (left) and Greyson with Ginger's Dad, Jay

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  1. Oh those are gorgeous photos! I am sorry I missed it - but happy I got to be at the Phoenix one. I was amidst many boxes and broken items the day of your wedding and would have much rather been in San Antonio partying! You all look GREAT and so happy! Love you all!