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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Andrea's Psalm

The book of Psalms is Andrea's favorite book and this a Psalm she wrote last year.

Praise God, my redeemer
You are my savior
My soul is captured by you
You alone sustain me

Praise God my healer
You are my strength
I worship only you
You renew my being

You created heaven and earth
There is nothing made that you did not make
The earth rejoices at the sound of your name
The heavens silently speak of your glory
Heaven and earth honor you

Abundant blessings come from you.
Without ceasing I praise you
The sound of your name fills me with rejoicing
I am your daughter
To you I belong

You never leave me
I will never be abandoned
You, O Lord, orchestrate my days
And order my nights
Your provisions cannot be contained
My fullness overflows

Praise God for you are my answer
When my soul sinks with sorrow you rescue me
When I go where I must go alone
I find you there
When fear stalks me
You cover me with peace

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