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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Part of the Plan

I wrote this in July 2005.
It's about how God uses this trial for His good.

Yesterday we got Andrea’s PET scan results. They were a little scary. The cancer is in her liver and lungs as well as her bones. Satan seems to be piling on. But God has answered. Andrea and I know this is not a surprise to God and this news does not limit God. His hands are not suddenly tied. Never has nor never will this problem become too great for God.

I’m sitting outside the Oncologist office waiting to go in and see Andrea on her third chemo treatment. I feel God is providing us strength every day. I know that God is hearing our prayers and the prayers of other believers. I see the faith growing and being displayed in others, our friends, their children and it is so exciting. I know that if God can change lives like this he can heal Andrea.
It came to me that this cancer is not just about Andrea and me. God’s plan is much greater then my small view. Sometimes I get lost in the selfishness of my immediate surroundings and my personal prayers, but God is using this trial for His Kingdom. This cancer as much as it is changing me and my faith it is also being used in many others. Some I will never meet know or even hear about. At our prayer time I had a glimpse of how He is teaching others. When I hear others step out in faith, to believe and trust for Andrea. When I see them take that faith into their own lives and the lives of their children it excites me. I pray for those who God is reaching, both believers and non-believers. It is so humbling to be used by God in such a way. To be connected to His plan. We offer ourselves for His glory. That can be a little scary to say, to let go of your own desires, but our reward awaits us in heaven, in our eternal home where we will continually praise God in fellowship with other believers and meet people we never knew we impacted on this earth. When I think about that this is not so scary.

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