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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Exchange Rate

This is about what is truly valuable

One day I will stand before Christ, as we all will. I will stand before the one who paid my sin debt. I will look upon his sacred hands and feet. I will see the one given authority over all, the King of Kings the Lord of Lords, and He will judge me on my life. Not a judgment of my salvation. That is secure from the moment I accepted Christ, but a judgment of my service to the one who saved me.

I want you to close your eyes and put yourself, as best we can, before Christ the moment after you die. You see before you, Christ. Scares on his hands, feet and His side. Before you will lay your gift, eternity. Imagine if you will Christ’s begins the judgment of believers to determine their rewards in heaven and as you step up to the front of the line Christ readies to read your accomplishments, and there is silence. Nothing. Christ has nothing to say. He asks what you have done with the talents He has given you. Did you serve me? Jesus is not judging us for entrance into eternity, that is secure as a beliver, but He is and will judge our works; how we served Him with the gifts He had given us. We will be given a reward for our life as believers.

If your answer is, "Lord, look at the big house I had, and the nice cars. Look at the nice schools I went to, and look at the corner office I had." Or your most prized position. "Look at the huge bank account I have accumulated. " All to which Jesus will respond, I’m sorry but we do not have an exchange rate for those goods, they have no value here.

Our reward in heaven is not based on what we bring to God but it what we did with what God gave us.

As I go back in my mind to that moment before Christ I think the saddest think I could hear from my savior is silence. Silence from the one who gave it all for me to enter eternity. Silence because I wasted my time my talents and my efforts chasing earthly accomplishments.

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