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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Life With Cancer

I found a book where Andrea wrote down how she was feeling. I kept asking her to write down how she was feeling to help us identify what was a symptom verses a side effect. It looks like it started in January 2006.

Thursday Night - 2 Tylenol, slight flu like symptoms.

Friday - No side effects - felt great!

Saturday - No side effects - felt great

Sunday - Early am hot spots - night sweats

Monday - Flu like symptoms aching all day, especially my trunk. chest, lip, and knees. Swelling still down my hand. Still have neuropathy. Aching in my pelvis.

Tuesday - Less body aches, neuropathy in hand, heels are so tender, have been for about four days. A little tired

Wednesday - Not much aches until 4pm. Then chest legs shoulders. A little tired in the pm. Nap for 1 hour.

Thursday - Chemo day, Abraxine, Gemzar, double dose of Herceptin. Palettes were low. Very little aching. No fever tonight PTL (Praise the Lord) My hair on my head and eyelashes appear to be coming back! PTL, please God let it continue to grow and not fall out. 1 1/2 hour nap.

Friday - Some aching tired. Saturday - No side effects, tired

Sunday - No side effects, PTL

Monday - No side effects! Healed jaw, PTL.

Tuesday - Tired, took nap in the afternoon.

Thursday - My stomach has been hurting all day.

Friday No bleeding today.

Saturday - 1 1/2 hr nap. felt good

Monday - No side effects neuropathy bad in the pm Voice good PTL! No nap, no bleeding

Thursday - Chemo day fever, fatigue, neuropathy

Friday - Aching in my knees stomach hurt, took a nap

Saturday - Felt great in am, got to clean the house today. Nose bleed aching in trunk and legs, 1 hour nap, voice not to bad, neuropathy

Sunday - No aches in am. Aches at 4pm, took 1 1/2 nap, voice not as good as it has been

Monday - Aches tired voice better

Tuesday - Aches especially in the knees

Wednesday - Aches in afternoon tired

Thursday - Chemo day - Still have neuropathy voice problem eye problem but my mouth is fabulous

Friday - Tired aches

Saturday Tired aches

Sunday - Very tired, slept through sermon. Sweat a lot at night

Monday - Very tired slept till 10:45, got up for 1 1/2 hr slept another hour or so. Aches in hand knees and calves.

Tuesday - Felt good, no nap little aches

Wednesday - Got shot for low blood count. Some bone aching after the shot. Slept until 11:00 nap for 30 minutes.

Friday - CT scan nothing PTL

Saturday - Felt great, slept 30 mins,

Sunday - Felt great no nap, Monday - Felt extra great No nap Scan results, very good! Few questionable spots on liver and lungs. Spleen and lymph nodes were great.

Friday - Felt good, just tired. Slept till about 11:30. Took 2 hr nap. Some aches around 5pm, Some more bone came out of my jaw. PTL Sunday - Forgot to write but I think I felt good

Monday - Very tired

Tuesday - I feel great. I took chemo last Thursday, took double Avastin and Herceptin since we are going on a trip to Texas next week. I feel really good today.

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