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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Relaxing in Paradise

Well Anthony and I made it to Hawaii it just took us 21 hours, but it is worth it! We are enjoying time with Mike and Lori Jo and the kids. It is so beautiful here, as Anthony said, "It is just as you imagine Hawaii." Yesterday we went to Pearl Harbour and the day before was Waikiki Beach.
Here are some pictures of the trip so far:

This is a picture I took last night. I just set the camera on timer and laid it on the ground in Mike and Lori Jo's front yard.

Anthony and I on the Battleship Missouri. Couple of big guns with some really big guns.

Thought this was a pretty picture of the trees and blue sky

Lori Jo said this is called Red Ginger. Kind of partial to the name.

Andrea's favorite plant. They grow everywhere and are huge bushes all over base housing.

The tress here are covered with Elephant ears. Really Pretty.

Another one of Andrea's favorite flowers

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