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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Andrea's Dream

Tonight I was looking through some of Andrea's journals. It was a journal about dreams Andrea had during her life. She recorded on dream she had when she was around four years old. Some were from her adult life like this one. When I came across this entry I could hardly read the words. It was as if I could hear Andrea talk to me when I read these words. I did not remember Andrea telling me about this dream. But we did have this conversation several times in the past two years. And I will tell you the conversation went about just like she has recorded in this journal. I just had no idea that she had this dream when she did. I wonder if she thought about this dream during this fight.

This was written in Dec 1998 but she had the dream in April 1998, five years and four months before she found the lump in her breast.

About 8 months ago I dreamed I had a lump about the size of a golf ball in my stomach. I could feel it in the area just under my ribs, right in the middle. Anyway, I was told I had cancer and I was dying. I was telling Nic not to be sad and be strong. I told Jim to re-marry. He said he would never be able to replace me and that he would be afraid to re-marry because he was afraid it wouldn't be like our relationship. He asked me how he could ever know if he found the right one. I said, "You will know, just like you knew with me. If there's any doubt, she is not the one. The dream was set in June and it was January when the doctors said I had six months to live so I began to question what was going on. I felt fine. Then Robert (A close friend who is a doctor) wrote a note on the bottom of my medical records and said for me to go back and have them check the things he wrote because he thought they may have misdiagnosed me. That was the end. Talk about a depressing dream!

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  1. Wow - This totally gave me chills.

    Keep writing... Your expressions of faith and love are inspiring.

    Reading what you write helps me to have a bit more insight into what our dear friend Brendan (www.lyonsfamily.org) is experiencing.

    God bless -