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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Andrea's Journal Entry April 11 2006

I remember waking up in the night and seeing Andrea with the Bible laying on her. I always knew that she was having a bad night and hurting. She always slept with the Bible under her pillow, but when it came out and she opened it and laid it on her, I knew she was crying out to God. She just was doing so without saying a word.

The Word

Father You created the universe with your words. "Let there be light!" You spoke this life into being. Your very breath breathed into Adam and gave him life. It is all making sense now why the Wal-Mart greater said the 23rd Psalm to me and then said "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth..." I did not know then how important your words, the Word, would be to me! Remember the night I awoke and had the Bible in my hand and I was holding it up, straight up, as I lay in the bed asleep? I said, "I believe! I believe what God's word says!" And how many times have I laid the Bible, your word, across my hips, chest, back, and claimed the words written there in?" The same words that spoke the universe into being I ask to heal me. Healing is offered out of the divine mouth of God!

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