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Thursday, December 13, 2007

ICU Update 13 Dec

Sorry this is late. Although there seems to be little going on here it seems it is hard to find a minute to sit down and write. Doctors seem to stop by at perfect intervals to keep you busy.

Anyway Andrea is doing great today. She is wide awake and I decided to post some pictures of her. As you can see Andrea has not changed, still a light. In fact when I called this morning someone answered the phone and I asked to speak to Andrea's nurse. She said hold on one second. Then she came back on and said, "I have to tell you see is a sweet woman, she is just so sweet!" Then she put me back on hold. I knew Andrea was awake and getting better.

I hope the pictures help you feel closer to Andrea.

Andrea loves when we all stand around the bed and just talk. She likes to see the conversation around her.

Nic and Andrea with Shelby's Christmas tree. Shelby is of Andrea's close friends from Alaska. She is 10 and a special friend with aspecial relationship with Andrea. Anyway, Shelby has CF and this is her Christmas tree for when she is in the hospital. When she heard Andrea was in the ICU she sent it to Andrea.

Andrea and my sister Maureen

Nic and Mom

June and Anglea (Andrea's Mom and sister)

Andrea sporting the lastest in trach fasion...nice to see that smile again!


  1. She's as beautiful as ever!
    Love, Gina

  2. What a blessing it was today to see Andrea in her True spirit her light just shines,her eyes are bright filled with love!! I have just come to adore her. still wating to hear that voice!! That to me is a the only piece of the puzzle left, I feel I know her in Spirit and in Faith, I also imagine her laugh must just be delightful!!!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow dawns a new day filled with grace and hope, baby steps to get her Home!!

  3. WOW! I love that smile and seeing everyone around her like that. She's beaming with light and I can't stop smiling. love gibi

  4. It was good to see her and we will continue to pray for her healing. Also, for you and the boys to be able to rest..:-)

    Thanks for doing such a wonderful job of helping us to be there with her when we can't.

    Tell Andrea we are thinking of her and praying for her faithfully.

    Your friend, Terrill

  5. Love her smile. She is truly special. Diana