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Thursday, December 6, 2007

ICU Update 6 Dec - Noon

They plan for the day is pretty simple. We started steroids at 11:00. Please pray these are effective and Andrea responds quickly. Later they are going to try the "A Line" again. That is the line that goes in her artery to measure her blood gases. This information is used to adjust the vent settings.

She is still on the “new” vent settings the ones they set yesterday to put her on the temp vent. It is much easier for her to breath and does not seem so difficult for her to breath. Andrea is more alert then yesterday, and it is nice to talk to her. She is weak and we have started doing leg and arm exercises. These will help her recovery when she gets off the vent. Right now she is as alert as she as ever been. She just told Nic, "I'm glad you are here." Of course that took Nic and I about 10 minutes to figure out. My guess was, "You want to go to Target." Andrea just smiled so big it was almost a laugh. Now do you understand how bad I am at this!

She knows Kate (Nic's girlfriend) and my sister Maureen are on there way here. She keeps asking if we need to go to the airport. That tells me she remembers what we are saying and she has a sense of time.

The fluid around her stomach is not enough to drain. I think it is the same as when we got here. We have done three ultrasounds and now a CT and they all say the same, there is some fluid but not much. I think her swelling of her stomach is a protein deficiency that she has been having over the past three months.

Please pray she will absorb her food and get the nutrients she needs.

Okay that is about it for now. The atmosphere is much more relaxed and she just asked to watch TV. She also told us she is hungry and that is always good news.

Thank you all for your prayers. I wish I could tell you have thankful I am but I don't possess the vocabulary. Please know we are so grateful.


  1. This sounds like a great report! We're so glad to hear this good news and praise God!

    The Wisniewskis (all 4 of us are truly rejoicing! :))

  2. James -- good to read the latest update. Andrea continues to amaze us all. You know we're with you, Andrea and the boys and the family is praying for her. Will call soon.

    Peter, Genevieve, Peter and Paul

    p.s. Don't forget to get a little sleep

  3. Hamd olsun... we had a great bible study last night and several Turks prayed for Andrea. Still don't catch everything in Turkish but the room was filled with power I could feel that. I would love to be at Target with Andrea right now! But I'm off to school full of prayer for you guys.