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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Surgery Update 9am

Andrea is scheduled for her surgery at 12:00, but I know how that schedule works they are never early. She is getting physical therapy right now and doing really good. Her spirits are high she is smiling and very alert. Her lungs don't look any better based on the vent but it is so nice to see her. Yesterday she slept the whole day after a little too much sleeping medicine.

She remembers yesterday’s conversation and it still 100% ready to go. She is as strong in her faith and stills believes she will beat this. Despite my weakness yesterday, she remains strong today. I know I tell you she is strong but everyday I'm even more amazed. I just can't describe it to you. She is so special.

I will post an update as soon as she gets back or  when I hear how it went. Maybe around 2:00. She will be fine, and the doctors will be amazed when they see her today. They are about to realize what a special woman they are meeting.

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