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Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Texas Two Step

The meeting to discuss moving the vent to the trach is set for tomorrow. Time TBD. I asked that Andrea's Oncologist, Dr Osswald be invited.

I talked to Andrea and I think if she is getting better that moving the vent would be best. It will be much more comfortable for her. Her mouth and throat are sore not to mention she came get that mask off her face that holds the tube. I hope she will get stronger faster with the vent in her trach, not to mention the comfort factor.

I know the ICU doctors feel all her problems are caused by cancer but I still feel there are other causes. The cancer may be contributing but it is not the main cause right now. I want them to treat her and not take the easy way out of well it's just cancer. Andrea was doing good with her cancer treatments and I still believe she will improve but we have to get her off this vent and back on chemo. The longer we wait the more it will be cancer and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. They think her stomach problems and swelling around her gut is from her the cancer in her liver. I'm sure some of it might be but, she is swollen all over from not moving for 2 weeks. So how much is cancer and how much is just inactivity I do not know. But the longer we leave her in bed the worse both will be. And the longer she stays this way the less they feed her and the weaker she becomes.

We just need God to heal her and get her off this vent. So we are still praying for signs of recovery, and we still believe she will get off the vent. Right now there is no reason to think otherwise. If the trach will help her faster then I'm all for it.

That is what we will decided tomorrow. Will the trach help her and how will it affect her recovery.

The other discussion will be with the Oncologist to get there opinion on Andrea's cancer. What do they feel its role is in how she is doing. If the cancer is out of control then of course this changes many decisions, or makes them for us. But if they feel her complications are non-cancer related then we need to fight and fight hard. Time is not our friend right now. We need to get off the vent and we need it yesterday. That is why it is so frustrating to come in today and see we are back where we started 24hrs ago. Two steps forward, one step back. Now that I think about it Andrea and I loved to go country western dancing (Okay sorry about the visual of me dancing) last time we lived in San Antonio. We loved to do the Texas 2 step. If any of you know how the C&W dance you know that the Texas 2 step is just that, two steps forward one step back. Maybe an occasional twirl thrown in for fun. I guess we are just doing that again, only this time it's not as fun, and there's no music to this dance.

Maybe I will bring in my ipod and play a little George Strait.

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