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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Surgery Update 5:25pm

Okay we are back at the hospital. Andrea still looks good she is tired and a little groggy as you would expect. I think she is adjusting to the tube being in her neck. It does look a little weird but it seems to have made her breathing a little easier.

I think we will make it a short night to give her time to rest. I don't want wear her out. We are all just so excited to see her! Sometimes it is hard to remember that she is very weak.

I was able to take a 30 min nap after we left the hospital. You know when you lay down and you think there is no way you're going to sleep and the next thing you know someone is waking you up. One of those naps. It was good to me!

We have been showered with kindness. The emails of encouragement have been food to my soul, I cherish every word and reread them in the night. My office gave us the best gift, a digital picture frame which they took by the house and loaded it with our family pictures. Last night I sat with Andrea and relived each and every moment. It is my most special memory of our time here. Now they are at the house decorating the outside with lights. I know the boys will like that. Not to mention all the meals that have been given. We are humbled beyond words. Thank you can not express it. It just seems so inadequate of a word.
But I will say it anyway, Thanks. I hope you can feel the emotions behind it.


  1. I can't get over the great feeling I have now. I am so excited to hear that she is doing so well. I am so thankful too that you work with so many wonderful people and they take care of you so well. It is always a blessing to have people who care and go out of thier way to make sure that your needs and a little extra is met. You two are wonderful people. Love, Jenn

  2. I rushed out of bed realizing i had been sleeping in Turkey while so much was going on in Texas. the first thing I do lately is go the journey blog and visity you guys. I am so full of thanksgiving for the sucess of the surgery. God is your strength and your shield, the lifter of your heads. Love Gibi (and Haluk and the boys...)

  3. High Drag,
    During my latest FedEx trip from Anchorage to Hong Kong (11 hour flight), we flew over Mt. Fuji and it was magnificent. I thought about you and Andrea and the fight in which your family is engaged. As you posted earlier this week, that mountain is powerless with the right perspective. I know Mount Fuji is the iconic symbol of the land of the rising sun, but thank God you and Andrea’s perspective is firmly rooted in the Hand of the Rising Son!!

    I am in Anchorage right now waiting for a flight back home. I know you and your family had some wonderful memories up here, and I think of you often on my layovers and when I am on base at Elmendorf. Katie and I pray on the phone when I am away on trips, and again tonight we prayed for you two. Your love and faith will forever be etched on our souls. Thanks for your mentorship, friendship, and example.

    To put a smile on your face, I wanted to share that I feel like Santa Claus this time of year as we fly in the middle of the night bringing gifts to all of the children around the world.

    In His Love, Your Brother,